Realtime Reporting

Circle City Reporting has Realtime Reporters certified by the National Court Reporters Association. A Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR) has passed a skills test of a two-voice question-and-answer (Q&A) at 200 wpm at 96% accuracy.

See what a realtime court reporter’s feed can do for you at your next deposition.

Interactive realtime is the simultaneous translation of the reporter’s stenotype notes into English. Using interactive realtime allows users to connect to the reporter’s laptop computer for an instantaneous display of the proceedings on his/her own laptop. While receiving realtime feeds from the court reporter, users can annotate the transcript by associating text with issues, adding quick marks and notes so testimony can be quickly and easily retrieved when needed. In addition, users can search the realtime transcript or other transcripts in the case for previous or conflicting testimony. Transcript and annotation reports can be created in realtime and can be saved or printed or e-mailed to your colleague, co-counsel, client or expert. Realtime translation is available for an additional nominal fee.

Post Deposition

After the deposition is over, your realtime transcript allows your team to have access to the testimony immediately. Deposition summaries can be created quickly by searching for quick marks, expounding upon or creating notes or annotations and creating annotation reports of the deposition. Use the realtime transcript to prepare for the next day’s testimony or an upcoming deposition.

Once the final transcript is received, your notes and other annotations remain linked to the corresponding text and your videotape is synchronized to the transcript. Your team now can create clips of important testimony with a few clicks.

Don’t want the hassle of bringing a laptop with you to your local or out-of-town deposition? No problem, we’ll bring an extra laptop to the deposition for you at no extra charge.

Free Software Downloads:

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CaseView for iPad

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MyView for iPad

Drivers for wireless equipment used by Circle Circle City Reporting.

Download Wireless Realtime with Stenocast

Wireless Realtime with Stenocast